Spring 2022 Release

Looking for streamlined account management, simplified login, and workflow automation? Check out the new features you can use to build workflows that work for you!
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Formstack Forms
Find value faster with quickstart Documents templates

We’ve built five new templates to help you make the most of the Formstack Documents drag-and-drop document builder!

Just getting started with Formstack Documents? Try creating your first document using one of our many pre-built templates! Our templates are designed to save you time by being pre-built with the fields you need most.

There are a few ways you can get started with your document templates—either uploading a PDF or Microsoft Document or by building your template from scratch in the Formstack Documents builder. We’ve already got several PDF and Microsoft Document template options available in your account today.

As a part of this release, we’ve created five new templates built specifically for our new, drag-and-drop document builder. These five new templates include: 

If you haven’t already had a chance to log in to Formstack Documents and test out these templates, now would be a great time to do so!

Formstack Workflows
Manage your accounts faster with Formstack Subaccounts

Keep track of all of your accounts in a single location. 

Subaccounts are an account structure that allows a parent account to create, purchase, and manage child accounts, which the parent account is able to then access from the admin panel. 

Formstack’s updated subaccount model comes with three key ingredients: 

  • Create and remove subaccounts on the fly 
  • Access all accounts in a single location 
  • Manage, troubleshoot, and pre-load content and workflows using user impersonation 

For Formstack partners, Salesforce consultants, and multi-department organizations, the new subaccount model will make managing multiple accounts faster and easier! 

Ready to add subaccounts to your account? Visit this article to learn more.

Access more ways to streamline your Formstack login

With OpenID Connect, users can now use their Salesforce, Amazon, Google, or Paypal credentials to log in to their Formstack account.

OpenID Connect is a simple, single sign-on (SSO) standard that allows organizations to enable authentication for applications. They can use a registered 3rd party service where their employees are already registered such as Google, Salesforce, Amazon, or Paypal as the user identity provider. For example, if the organization uses Salesforce and all their employees are registered Salesforce users, OpenID Connect would allow the organization to use Salesforce as their SSO identity provider to control logging in to Formstack products.

Leverage single sign-on to simplify your login experience. Learn more about OpenID Connect.

Reduce manual set up with Dependent Fields

Dependent Fields drastically reduces manual setup through our conditional rules.

We’ve launched the ability to build forms with more objects and relationships, which gives you more time back into your day! This functionality makes it easier to build forms within popular Salesforce data models like Health Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, and Education Data Architecture, as well as in data supplements like Admissions Connect.

Save time with your point-n-click tools using Conditional Prefill

With Conditional Prefill, users are now able to use logic to Prefill forms based on certain criteria.

Conditional Prefill allows the user to declaratively and conditionally define which records get prefilled on a form based on criteria you define at the object level. Customers had previously needed to expose potentially sensitive data and use javascript to control the flow of the form. Now, we bring much of this power to the backend so it is configured using declarative point-n-click tools. This allows you to automate more forms than ever.

Formstack Forms for Salesforce

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