Fall 2019 Release

Keep your team in the know with scheduled data exports, and meet compliance with the new PSD2 integrations.
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Schedule a submission export

We were able to tackle one of our most popular suggestions from our Ideas website. We updated our submission page to allow users to schedule a data export on a recurring daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Users can stop pulling manual reports and have their form submission data automatically sent to their inbox.

Meet Formstack’s PSD2 compliant integrations

With Formstack’s PSD2 compliant integrations, Stripe, PayPal Pro, and PayPal, customers who must comply can easily get payment forms up and running. Each of these integrations are equipped with the highest level of Strong Customer Authentication (3DS 2.0), so the form users’ payment authentication can happen in the background without sacrificing security, compliance, or conversion rate.

If you’re looking to ensure your payments are PSD2 compliant, here are the guides to get your payment forms up and running:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal Pro
  • PayPal: Because PayPal redirects the form user to PayPal’s site within Formstack, no steps are required to make this integration PSD2 compliant.

Address field update

We’ve enhanced our address field. Now you have the ability to select the specific address fields you want to appear on your form.

As you can tell, we made many product and service enhancements this quarter based on your direct feedback, so please keep that coming! To submit your idea, simply click the question mark at the top right of your Formstack dashboard and select Ideas from the menu.

If you are a customer and want to learn more about updates specific to your plan, log into your account to view changes and try them out. Have a question? Feel free to contact our Support team. If you’re not a Formstack user yet, start your free trial now to see Formstack in action!

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